Micaela Fox

Hey, I'm Micaela. 

An artist, lover of Jesus, love, intimacy, and humanity. Filled with a passion to uncover beauty and draw it out to be discovered through photographing all the things in digital and film.

Originally from the wonderful state of Oklahoma, now currently based out of Northern California. I'm probably riding my bike with no handle bars through the streets of Redding, reading a good book, or drinking chocolate milk currently.

I'm grateful you took the time to drop in.

Writing these about me's always feels like I'm being ding-dong ditched. You're knocking the door, but I don't even get to see you! Though, if you'd like, I would like, nothing more than to be able to actually connect with you.

To look you in the eyes, to laugh with you, to listen to you, learn from you and have the privilege of capturing the beauty of who you are, of your relationship with who you love, of the moments that are so beautiful it seems like a firefly in twilight that you want to capture in a mason jar forever. 

Beauty illuminates. It sheds light against the shadows and wakes up our souls.

It draws us together, a force of wonderful gravity that grounds and connects us to the wonders of humanity.

It brings life and awareness to goodness, to love, to the depth and connection that can be uncovered in and from all the moments -the way he looks at you, the way you laugh at everything he says even if it's not actually that funny, the friends who know you more than you possibly know yourself, the history you hold in your eyes that is worth hearing no matter how messy, the moments you have fought for love, the moments love fought for you. 

Beauty is truly all around us, in all the moments, all the time.

It would be an honor of mine to be let in by you, to twist the cap off the mason jar. For us to uncover and capture together, the beauty that is all around, the beauty of the firefly in the twilight, that is you and the love that surrounds.

Let's uncover beauty.

With love,




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